Residential Glass Repairs and Window Replacement


Auto & House Glass cover a wide range of general glazing in residential and commercial buildings.

We also work closely with builders and painters alike removing old putty and reputtying windows in preparation for painting as well as glazing all new types of work both timber, aluminium and steel. Also we are able to perform lead lighting (both new and repairs), and UV filming of window glass (houses only).

The work covered includes cut-to-size glass, re-rubbering aluminium joinery, repairing broken windows, table tops, fish tanks and the suply and installation of pet doors. We can also supply speciality glasses including toughened safety glass, laminated glass and obscure glass.

All work is carried out to above current standards as we believe safety to be of a paramount importance. We have no hidden costs. In fact, we offer free travel within Porirua City.

commercial window repair
Window Replacement